Everyone loves to eat really good food and that does include junk food now and again. Wouldn't it be great to lose 10 pounds without following a strict diet?

What if you just decided right now, today, that you're going to focus on losing weight, at least up to ten pounds just by changing your lifestyle?

We're not talking about stressing out about losing weight, just simply take it nice and slow and the end results will be life changing.

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Here are several ways to help you lose weight without dieting:

1. Do more cardio. This is so true. The more you increase your heart rate, the more calories you will burn and you'll strengthen your heart and lungs along the way.

2. Eat breakfast every morning. This is so important because a really healthy breakfast will help you cut more calories throughout the day and it will help you by not eating so much later in the day.

3. No snacking after 6 p.m. There is so much truth to not snacking after 6 p.m. every night. Once you have dinner, just shut down the kitchen for good and don't start mindless munching on a bunch of snacks. This does require some discipline.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. This is a given. We all know that fruits and vegetables are very good for you. My wife and I try to make a healthy meal every night which includes a salad and fruits as well.

5. Cut back on refined carbs. You know what this means? Cut back on pizza, cakes, cookies, and potato chips. Try to focus more on popcorn, whole wheat breads, pastas, and brown rice..

6. Portion control. My family doctor talks to me about this at the office and stresses how important it is to cut back on food portions. This is so true. even restaurants load up your plate with too much food. Portion control could be compared to the size of your clenched fist for example. Eat less, lose weight.

7. Eat More slowly. So what are the benefits from eating more slowly? Better digestion and greater satisfaction with our meals.

There are so many more ideas to help you lose weight without dieting. Take a look at a few more from webmd.com

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