At first it was toilet paper and hand sanitizer that wouldn't last long on many grocery shelves during the coronavirus pandemic.

But what about other surprising products that are quite popular during the ongoing pandemic?

According to, many specialized products are seeing a sales boom of their own, meeting newly urgent needs from the bathroom to the backyard.

1. Bread machines. I don't even own a bread machine which makes me think I should, because who doesn't love bread? From March 15 to April 18, U.S. retailers sold more than four times as many bread makers as they did during that period last year.

2. Fitness equipment. The only fitness equipment I personally own is a punching bag, a stationary bike, and a few weights. These days, many Americans are bringing the gym home. We're talking about weights, cardio machines and other workout gear.

3. Computer accessories. When the coronavirus pandemic first began, millions of Americans rushed to set up home workstations. There was a 160 percent spike in interest in external monitors in March, and an 85 percent jump for laptop mice.

4. Booze. No surprise here. While it may not be the best thing for the immune system, many of us are responding with cocktails of our own. Liquor retailers have seen sales boom since the outbreak began and bars closed. Sales have continued to rise on a week by week basis.

Other products on the list include inflatable pools, jigsaw puzzles, and nail care. To read more about these products, please click right here at

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