It usually comes around every so often: the whispers and legends of one of Michigan's Most Haunted Places, and the Most Haunted in Ingham County, Seven Gables Road off Dexter Trail south of Dansville. I am just one of the many who has gone out there looking around back in the woods - daytime and nighttime.

Quickly, the legends:

1) One of the homes at the far end of the road was lived in by a woman that was believed to dabble in witchcraft. Supposedly, for some reason, she cursed the land. Now whoever is the last person the leave by going over the gate will be the first to die.

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2) Years later, a family moved into the old house. The curse still lingered and affected the father who therefore did away with his entire family.

These are the two basic legends, and there are other minor ones, like at night you can see the faces of the children in the trees, hear a woman's cackling back in the woods, etc.

Now the question: was there actually a house back there or is that part just nothing but BS? I can tell you, that when I went back during the day, I did find concrete remnants of a house and a deep well that was covered over with grass. I did a little research and looked up the area on some old atlases, and what do you think I found? TWO houses once stood back in that area, one on each side of the road...and Seven Gables Road used to continue all the way down to Ewers Road. In fact, it kind of still does, but you'll probably do better trying to keep track of the trail and walk it. The atlases in the gallery below show you where these houses were.

Also in the gallery are the remains of the two separate least, that's what they appear to be.

Psychics, ghost hunters, thrill-seekers, news teams, paranormal investigators...and even those who just like to take calm afternoon walks...have all been down Seven Gables Road.

BIG thank you to psychic Tammy Schuster for the use of her photos!

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