It's been said that northern Michigan has roughly three thousand settlements, towns & villages that are no longer around...ghost towns, if you prefer. And here's just one of 'em. In Chippewa County's Hulbert Township is the odd-named ghost town of Seewhy.

The town was named after C.Y. Bennett, who took it upon himself to name the town after himself. C.Y. already had his own sawmill and general store, so why not name the town to glorify himself?

Seewhy was a successful lumber town beginning in the late 1800's and C.Y.'s businesses were doing very well. He eventually established a post office in 1915 but not long afterward, the lumber/timber business began it's decline. Seewhy residents began leaving in droves and C.Y. finally had no choice but to shut down his post office in 1927.

Seewhy can't be found down any main road...or side road. It's located alongside the old Duluth/South Shore Railroad, halfway between Eckerman (M-123) and Hulbert (M-28). It looks like there is ONE building standing where Seewhy used to be, but you'll have to visit to see what exactly it is. From the satellite photo, it looks abandoned, as there are no vehicles, litter, driveway, sidewalk, pathway or any signs of life...just one lone building out in the midst of deep woods (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

If it turns out to be inhabited, avoid it at all costs. If not, do your best to seek permission before you investigate in order to protect yourself.


Abandoned Mansion In The Woods

Abandoned Victorian Mansion in the Woods

Abandoned 'Looney Tunes' House in the Woods

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