According to USA Today, screens in vehicles are getting much bigger.

German automaker Daimler's Mercedes Benz revealed a new 56 inch screen nearly spanning the width of an entire car. This is the latest brand to bet on larger than ever digital displays.

So has anyone ever heard of distracted driving? I'm not sure this is safe or even better.

Other car brands like Tesla, Ram and Toyota turn the dashboards and instrument panels of certain new vehicles into a sort of Apple store.

It seems like screens in cars are taking after screens in homes. I don't think anyone thought that screens would get this large.

There are already some studies that indicate significant driver distraction can be a result of in dashboard screens.

There's certainly the wow factor when it comes to the Mercedes Benz Hyperscreen. The screen should debut this year in its new electric sedan, the Mercedes Benz EQS.

The Daimler Chairman and CEO said the Hyperscreen was specifically designed with advanced voice commands and eye tracking technology to ensure that drivers keep their focus on the road. (USA Today)

They're using technology to make sure that driver distraction doesn't happen.

Here's what they've come up with: If you take your eyes off the road to watch the movie on the front passenger's portion of the screen, the system is programmed to automatically shut off the film. Once the driver's eyes hit the road again, the show resumes. (USA Today)

This doesn't sound safe to me. If you remember, a 2019 study by AAA found that the design of in vehicle infotainment technology's voice commands, software menus and center consoles was often distracting and especially so for older drivers.

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