August just got here. Back to school sales have been coming at us since July. You've probably got THE LIST from your child's school of supplies that they need for this year. Pencils, paper, tablets (electronic and paper), crayons and more.

Have you considered a bullet-resistant backpack. Not proof...but resistant. It might not be on their list. And some schools have banned them. But is it on yours?

(Credit: VICE via YouTube)

It's a sad reality, but this is the world we live in.

And, they are on sale.

(Credit: CBS News via YouTube)

News sources have stated they have found them at Office Depot and Office Max locations around the country.

Until now, most bullet-resistant bags had to be ordered online directly from the specialty companies that manufactured them, but their popularity has skyrocketed, and ballistic backpacks are also sold online through major retailers such as Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kmart. (CBS News)

Prices start at about $150-$200, and we saw some that were close to $500 online.

A member of law enforcement reminded people that nothing is bulletproof – rather, the bags are bullet-resistant.

"We're not saying, 'Buy a backpack, it'll solve everything,"' he said. "We're saying this will put you in a better position in the case of a school shooting than someone who doesn't have a bulletproof backpack." Yashi Sheikh, founder of Guard Dog Security. (CBS News)

So the question is, are you putting one on your list? Or better yet on your kid? Have you had this talk with them yet?

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