Even during this difficult time with the coronavirus pandemic, kids are either taking classes online at home, or taking the bus to school to continue learning.

When it comes to taking the bus to school, safety for our children always comes first. Did you know that at least 500 people illegally pass school buses a day in Michigan?

According to WILX, "school buses across mid-Michigan are back on the road picking up and dropping off students as they go back to learning."

The biggest problem here is the fact the many drivers don't pay attention when it comes to stopping when buses either pick up or drop off kids every day.

These days, bus drivers and police departments are begging drivers to pay attention. And yes that means distracted driving is not the way to go.

Tony Clemons, Michigan Center Schools Transportation Supervisor, said "I don't know how you can not miss this big yellow thing with big red flashing lights, arms come out, stop signs are lit up, I mean everything's going." (WILX)

Clemons also said "everybody is in such a hurry these days. Nobody slows down. As soon as they see those amber lights come on, everybody wants to speed up and beat those red flashers." (WILX)

According to the Michigan State Police, you are required by law to stop at least 20 feet from that bus and you cannot proceed until that bus turns off its red flashing lights.

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