So you wanna be Santa Claus? You can learn how to correctly BE Santa Claus here.

Or, maybe, like me, you just like to visit odd little out-of-the-way places in Michigan…well, here ya go! This is a perfect place to add to your Michigan roadtrip!

Most of us have already been to Bronner’s year-round Christmas store in Frankenmuth but not many from our area have been to see the Santa Claus School in Midland (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE FOR PICS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE). It was founded by actor Charles W. Howard in 1937 and teaches all Santa Claus wannabe’s everything Santa knows…like all about reindeer, how he makes toys, how he flies, etc.

If YOU wanna be a Santa Claus some Christmas, classes are available during the fall. According to their website, "There will be additional optional activities.....for students who stay after graduation."

CLICK HERE for more information at

It’s never the wrong time of year to visit this place…you’ll dig it.Or, if you’re just curious to see it, go to the corner of Isabella and Main streets in downtown Midland.


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