In the western Michigan town of Plainwell is a former establishment that is strongly believed to be haunted...Sam's Joint restaurant was a well-established eatery with a steady clientele. However, it has since closed down but the hauntings continue.

Employees and customers alike all witnessed different types of paranormal activity: disembodies voices coming from other rooms after closing time, footsteps, furniture and other objects moving on their own, etc.

The Kalamazoo Paranormal team did an investigation and recorded some EVP's and other weird stuff. A history of on-site deaths (including hangings) and the fact that the basement of this building was at one time used for the Underground Railroad adds to it's legendary haunting (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE).

You can pay a visit and get some pics of you like, but keep in mind, it is no longer open so you should respect any barriers or 'no trespassing' signs you might come across...don't ruin it for other ghost seekers.

Located at 675 10th St, Plainwell a few miles north of Kalamazoo off US-131.

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