There's nothing 'witchy' about this particular Salem. Located in Washtenaw County's Salem Township, this quiet little town was settled in 1825 by John and Joseph Dickinson. Dickinson was responsible for building the area's first log barn.

The post office history gets a little sticky...a postal station called 'Rider's' opened on June 4, 1831 named after postmaster Ira Rider. When George Renwick took over those duties in 1841, it was re-named 'Renwick'. The township was  ultimately named after Salem, New York, where many of the new settlers were from.

Salem soon had churches, a saloon, blacksmith, general store, schoolhouse, orchards.....and was on its way.

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Then, in 1846, it was re-re-named 'Salem' after the township, closing by the end of the year 1875. Then, a year later in December 1876, the Summit post office was transferred to – and re-named – Salem. Summit was a settlement that began on May 1, 1833 as a “rest stop” between Ann Arbor and Pontiac...when the post office was transferred, Summit eventually ceased to exist.

However.....Lapham's (sometimes listed as 'Laphan's') Corners was a few miles below, settled in 1828. Named after Joseph Lapham, who built the area's first sawmill in 1829. This location is also listed as 'Salem P.O.' as seen in the photo gallery below. (So there were TWO Salem post offices? That is what's confusing). Lapham Corners also once had a general store, wagon shop, and blacksmith.

Probably the most famous person to come from Salem is singer Barbara Lewis, who had a handful of big hits in the 60s, most notably “Baby, I'm Yours” and “Make Me Your Baby.”

Check out Salem's cool old abandoned airport HERE.
...and take a look at Salem's abandoned 33-grave cemetery HERE.

It may not be the Salem in New England you're most familiar with, but there are still some interesting things to experience in Salem, Michigan. Have a look at some old photos in the gallery below!

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