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The Ingham County Sheriff's Office has some tips to keep your children safe on Halloween.  Halloween is coming up this Monday and most towns will trick or treat from 6 p.m to 8 p.m.

Tip number one:  Costumes should be short enough to prevent tripping.  Consider using cosmetics to create fun or scary faces instead of masks.

Tip number two:  To help make your child more visible after dark, trick or treaters should carry a brightly colored bag and a flashlight or glow stick.

Tip number three:  At all times, watch for traffic and avoid walking in the street whenever possible.  An adult should always accompany young children.

Tip number four:  A parent should stay within close range of young children at all times and children should never be allowed to go down a street alone.  Walk with your children to each house and wait near the porch or front entrance of the home until they return.  Check out more safety tips at