The Safest Places in Michigan? We like to believe we're safe wherever we are, and no poll, survey, or data is going to make us think differently, right?

Despite all the things we hear about violence in our major cities, Michigan is overall a pretty safe state in which to live. What surprises me about this list are some of the cities that are so close to Detroit, which has been named in the past as one of the country's most dangerous cities.

A few years ago, data was culled by Homesnacks, who analyzed 142 cities that had populations of over five thousand. Then they gathered facts and data of property crimes, personal crimes, and violent crimes.....according to them, “per capita for every place from Detroit to Allegan.”

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Describing Michigan's Number One Safest Place to Live, Homesnacks says: “Well, according to the US Census and FBI data we crunched, (it is) the safest place to live in Michigan if you care about home values, low crime, and a high quality of life.”

To repeat myself, what surprises me about this whole darn list are the majority of locations - seven, to be exact are in Oakland County, nearby (what is called) Michigan's most dangerous city. So can they truly be included in our safest? I tend to disagree with many places on this's almost if someone is trying to promote Oakland County a little too much. But hey, I'm not the "expert" here. Give me almost any small town in the Mitten or the U.P. and I'd feel MUCH safer in one of those.

Okay, so where is this "Number One" place awready?
Take a look at the Top Ten list below, beginning with number ten:

The Ten Safest Places in Michigan

"One must experience the super safe, super beautiful, super awesome state of Michigan." (Homesnacks)


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