The Sacred Heart Academy schools have a little urban legend of its own that has been spread over the years.

In the front lawn is a statue of the Virgin Mary, with arms outstretched, said to be haunted.

According to the legend, two young boys went to the school grounds after dark to play; they weren't being mischievous...just went there to play on the huge lawn.

And they never returned home.

A search party was sent out and searched the area, including the grounds of the academy. Upon reaching the statue, one search member found a bloody note that read "Don't let your kids play after dark". Looking up at the statue, they noticed the eyes had been ripped out and two fingers were gone.

Some believe the legend, others have a different explanation.

The fingers - or hands, in some re-tellings - were indeed missing, but it was due to a senior prank. Some of the seniors thought it would be hysterical to put a tutu on Mary; they strapped it on too tight causing the statue's appendages to fall off.

Even so, both sides believe the school is haunted one way or another. Shadow figures have been seen walking the halls at night, figures have glided into classrooms, stared at the teacher and disappeared. These spirits are said to be of nuns who have passed away. One ghost is particularly scary; an apparition of a nun wearing a habit so large, it covers her face and all you see is darkness, no facial features.

The academy is at 1250 Kensington Road in Bloomfield. For those who decide to explore, keep in mind, there are watchful eyes about. Neighbors keep a tight watch and patrol cars come and go regularly. To properly investigate, always get permission and protect yourself!

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