The belief that Sackrider Hill is haunted is split just about 50/50 with local residents.

Sackrider Hill  - located east of Jackson and north of Grass Lake just off I-94 - was a favorite spot to go sledding and tobogganing years ago, but it's more difficult, thanks to the over-population of trees and bushes that have made the hill more of a woods than a recreational hill.

Not only that, but the apex of the hill was used for sunrise services on Easter mornings under the giant cross that still stands at the top.

Aside from the enjoyment that kids had there decades ago, the true story about a murder that occurred at the hill has been ignored - or forgotten -  by many...and there are still many, many people who haven't heard the story:

Carilyn Waldron was 16 years old when she was shot twice and killed by her ex-boyfriend, John Hixon, at Sackrider Hill on September 1, 1958.

Courtesy of Google Maps

So what about a Sackrider Hill haunting? Does the spirit of the young girl haunt the woods to this day? The trail leading up to the top now goes through the woods and is especially creepy if you go at night. Once at the top, follow the trail and you'll find wooden stairs that take you through the woods. One night, a few friends and I went there at midnight and we heard faint laughter coming from the bottom of the wooden steps...we saw no flashlights of anyone that could've been down there and there were no other vehicles in the parking lot when we first arrived.

Others have claimed to experience some sort of unexplainable occurrences when visiting Sackrider at night.

This is a 'supposed' haunt that doesn't get much press and not many talk about it. Has anyone heard of anything going on there? I only know what I have heard from others and experienced myself.

Read more about that 1958 Sackrider Hill murder in an article that was featured in the September 2, 1958 edition of the Toledo Blade by CLICKING HERE.

But what ever became of John Hixon?

He spent seven years in Ionia prison and according to his obituary, graduated from Spring Arbor College with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and a major in business. He worked and lived in Ionia until he passed away on May 11, 2011 at the age of 70.