Running out of toilet paper?

There are other household options: baby wipes, newspaper, paper towels, printer paper, sponge, or. tissues.

If you're the Daniel Boone type, you can substitute corn cobs, corn husks, leaves, moss, pine cones, pine tree branch with needles, or a flat rock.

Or, if you're the Macgyver type, you can make your own.....but you do need some kind of paper to start with. Here's a briefed-up way to make your own TP:

Soak newspaper in water.
Wait until most of the ink has washed out.
Boil the paper with grass and leaves, simmer for an hour.
Bring to boil for another half hour.
Empty water from pot, leave paper in.
Add 4 tablespoons oil, and a few drops of witch hazel.
Spread mixture on a sheet or towel.
Roll out real thin with rolling pin.
Flatten any lumps with hammer.
Lay a board on the rolled mixture and weigh down for a half hour.
Pull sheet off toilet paper, then put paper in sun to dry.
Cut into strips and voila! Ya got toilet paper.

Sounds simple? Well, probably not. But if you want the full, unedited homemade toilet paper instructions, you can find this ten-step info at by clicking HERE.

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