It's royal fever and especially because Prince Harry is marrying an American, the lovely Megan Markel.  Apparently I am not alone when it comes to geeking out for the Wedding on Saturday May 19th.  Royal watchers all over the U.S. are planning viewing parties that begin at 5am (that is when coverage begins over here) and there are so many options for you to have the best viewing party.

First of all your menu should, of course, include British products and favorites of the Queen and even Harrys Mom, the late Princess Diana.

Here are some picks for the snack, drinks and dishes that will make your party worthy of Buckingham Palace.  Cadbury chocolates, the most popular in England and a favorite of the Queens.    Walkers Short Bread, these shortbread cookies are one snack that has the approval of the Royal family (you can purchase them and English Teas at World Market and other places).

Champagne.....yes!  I hear the the Queen has a glass of bubbly every night.  Another favorite with the Royal family is Gin.     The Royal Wedding, yes you should have it at 5am.  Princess Diana was very aware of what she ate, but when she wanted something off the healthy list she went for bread-and-butter pudding for it off with a bit of lemon curd.

To make your wedding viewing party the talk of the town....send out Royal Wedding Watch party invitations.  Decorate your viewing room with banners and balloons, plus I think all guests should wear Tiaras !  There is  not a lot of opportunities to wear one, so take advantage

Royal Weddings  are so awesome but this will be even more special with our American Princess Megan Markel joining the family.

CHEERS !!!!!

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