A movie review from Rotten Tomatoes can make or break a film, and the website takes that very seriously.

Earlier this week, they announced that a crack down would be taking place on what Rotten Tomatoes referred to as non-constructive comments about films before they premier in theaters.

This move comes after some of the websites users tried to slam the not even released Marvel film, Captain Marvel.  The latest in the Marvel series is set to debut March 8th and stars Brie Larson in the title role.  This will be Marvels first female-led superhero movie, and because of that some had started with the negative and sexist remarks on the website before they even saw the film.

This has happened before, the 'review bombing' tried to keep audiences away from Black Panther, Star Wars, the Last Jedi, and also the female led Ghostbusters.  The attacks were racist and sexist and Rotten Tomatoes has had enough.

In the sites blog post they announced the score policy change, they will no longer display what is called the 'want to see' scores during a movie's pre- release  period.  Users of the website will be able to post comments about a film on Rotten Tomatoes only after it is released in theaters.


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