We lost a few rockers this past week, who probably went unnoticed by the press.

MIKE PORCARO, bassist for Toto, who performed
on all their huge hits: "Hold The Line," "Rosanna," "Africa"  and many, many others from 1971-2007. He passed away last Saturday, March 15 at the age of 59.

ANDY FRASER, bassist for the band Free who also wrote their biggest tune "All Right Now" in 1970. He passed away last Sunday, March 16; he was 62.

BRUCE CRUMP, drummer for the band Molly Hatchet, also passed away Sunday, March 16; he was 57.

MICHAEL BROWN, keyboardist for the 60's group The Left Banke; he wrote their biggest tunes, including the Top Five hit "Walk Away Renee" in 1966. He passed away Wednesday, March 18 at the age of 65.

True, the majority of the population may not be familiar with these names, but they are familiar with the wonderful music they all gave us.