Q: Which Rock star is considered to be the greatest ladies' man?

A: Ah jeez. Here we go. Most male rock stars consider themselves "ladies' men" thanks to their egos & fans. The thing about this topic is, each one will tell you a different story. No one can really know, since we don't spend all our time in celebrities bedrooms - but here's what I've garnered. You can't make out a list like that without adding the obvious choice, Mick Jagger - he makes sure his conquests and trysts make the gossip columns. Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson was extremely notorious for the ladies he dated; the women swooned over his rugged surfer boy looks, his blond hair, his sexy smile and his muscles, and he usually took advantage of any "situation" that arose. During John Lennon's first marriage to Cynthia, he still partied with various women, among them singer Joan Baez. Bruce Springsteen spilled the beans on Jackson Browne at the 2004 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies, saying Browne could always get any female in the audience he wanted. Others that make the list include Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Janis Joplin (for real), Ted Nugent, Prince and on and on and on. Even John Denver reportedly made love so intensely, that his wife had to be taken to the hospital for a broken rib! There are so many more tales about Rock star conquests, it would take a whole book - but my personal vote would go to Dennis Wilson because there's more to being a ladies' man than just the sexual aspect, even though that was his main goal. Where many stars accept the fact that fans and groupies want to bed them simply for who they are, Dennis knew how to get what he wanted, spending tons of money on women, taking them places, acting a gentleman and lavishing them with gifts. A few days later, he'd be doing the same routine on someone else!