Here's a spot to include on your northern Michigan roadtrip: Rock River Falls.

This ain't no “park the car and take a look” location.....nope, it's a “park the car and walk over a mile” spot. This is pure wilderness. Sure, it welcomes visitors, but it doesn't cater to them with fancy paved trails and tourist accommodations.

As you're on your way to the falls, driving through the Hiawatha National Forest, you have to drive down old unmarked logging trails. You'll eventually come to a small parking spot, get out of your vehicle, and walk your way to the falls down even smaller unmarked trails. The path to the falls looks like an old road. It seems to end near the bottom of a hill, but if you scour around, you'll see where another trail picks up.

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Walking along the Rock River, you'll come across the falls. It's a serene place that you wish you coulda found on your own to make it your personal secret place.

Rock River Falls is worth the walk. It's located approximately a dozen miles north of Chatham, Alger County, in the Upper Peninsula. The falls themselves are looks like a pot on the stove that's boiling over. Take a look at some photos and video below...this is one place to definitely see.

And it won't cost you anything.


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