When Is This Guy Gonna Become a Robot?!? (From ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’)

A new generation of autonomous weapons, or Killer Robots, could accidentally start a war or cause mass atrocities. This warning is from a former top Google software engineer.

Laura Nolan, who quit her position at Google after she was sent to work on a project to dramatically enhance US military drone technology, has now called for all AI killing machines not operated by humans to be banned. Unlike drones, which are controlled by military teams often thousands of miles away from where the flying weapon is being deployed. Nolan went on to say that killer robots have the potential to do far greater horrific things that they were not originally programmed for.

I keep saying over and over again it's the robots we have to watch out for.

When kids I talk to are heading off to college, my advice to them is find a job that can not be done by robots and you should be safe.

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