The settlement of Roberts Landing sits along the St. Clair River in Cottrellville Township, St. Clair County. It began with a post office on Apr. 29, 1869.

Roberts Landing’s main source of income/capital was the manufacturing of handles, operated by W.C. and W.S. Roberts, of which the little village was named after. The fishing industry was the second main source of income.

It did well for a period of time, and then the post office shut down on Dec. 15, 1905. It remains a successful marine town.

As for a haunting, there seems to be rumors of one along Roberts Landing Road.

According to urban legend, two adults and one juvenile were walking down the road, coming home from a party. When they came to their house, they discovered it had been destroyed by fire. The legend doesn’t mention how long these three people lived, or when they lived, but the tale continues by saying the three spirits walk the road at sunset. It goes on to say that their old automobile is also seen returning to the site of the fire.

Take a drive over to Roberts Landing some night, and take a nighttime stroll out in the country, down the dirt part of Roberts Landing Road…..and see what you may find.

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