There's a little farm near Kalamazoo in the little town of Hickory Corners. Inside this little farm is where you'll find the Midwest Miniatures Museum.

It's made up of tiny rooms that feature scenes from America's past; like an old 1900 doctor's office, hospital newborn wing, dentist...and by gosh, it looks like there's a gynecologist's office that's even featured!

It's an extremely cool, allbeit different look at our medical heritage and Americana.

Each scene has been re-created in the teensy 1:12 scale, with human figures, buildings and other details that you'll be impressed with. The scenes themselves are not that thrilling, but the detail and painstaking work that went into these are what makes it worth the trip.

Courtesy of Google Maps

The address is: 6855 W. Hickory Road, Hickory Corners, Michigan. It's only open to the public from May 1st thru October 31st so hustle over there before summer's over and take a look!

Find out more about the Midwest Miniatures Museum by CLICKING HERE.

Add this stop to your Michigan roadtrip!