(simulator showing effects of texting and driving. )

Simulator Mimics Effects Of Texting While Driving
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Game on !!  In the UK it is against the law to hold a phone while driving, so now they are making it easier to find those who are breaking the law.

Road signs that know when a mobile phone is being used in a moving vehicle are now being installed.

In the United Kingdoms Norfolk County, road safety teams have worked with speed and warning sign specialists to deploy these next level signs which are a first in the UK.

The system is able to simultaneously detect Bluetooth signals so that anyone legally in a call via their cars speakers is not wrongly issued a warning.  Right now the signs are unable to log offending number plates, such a feature is being considered for the future.

Holding a phone while driving was outlawed in the UK in 2003, but over 20% of drivers still do it.

Norfolk's Deputy Director of Public Health says their number one priority is to make sure that their city is a healthy and safe place to too live and new technology enables them to provide a reminder to drivers to put down the phone while driving.

Authorities say it is not yet a perfect science but they are

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