This is the most adorable and innocent story of a man returning something 40 years late.

My first thought was, "was this guy attempting to wait out the late fees like some of us did with Blockbuster videos except the library never closed?"  No, that's not it at all.  A man named Pier Fazzalari was reading one of his favorite childhood books, "Cloverleaf," to his daughters when he noticed something strange.  The book was stamped with "Dresden Elementary" according to Fox 59,

He says he borrowed the book in second grade from Dresden Elementary — the same school his daughters, kindergartener Adrianna and second grader Alexandria, now attend.

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Pier was in second grade 40 years ago.  That book has been sitting in his parent's basement for 4 decades.  Pier wanted to do the right thing and be a good example to his daughters.  However, how much would a 40-year late fee run him?  Apparently, Pier the library book bandit had given that lots of thought. The Principle of Dresden Elementary in Sterling Heights, Michigan decided that waving the overdue library book fine could be waived in lieu of cookies for the school staff.

Some might wonder if the real reason that the Dresden Elementary library didn't throw the book at Pier, is in addition to his two daughters attending the school, his wife works in the lunchroom.  Yep, we only cover the most hard-hitting scandals here.

In all seriousness, returning the book and bringing the staff cookies was a stand-up thing to do and a great example for his kids.  Great job dad.

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