There's something about remodeling your home for the right price or perhaps repainting a bedroom or two just to change things up in 2022.

Remodeling your existing home can raise the value of your home by thousands of dollars. It's always best to meet with a professional just to get extra ideas for any upcoming projects for the new year.

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My wife and I have two rooms that we would like to change up with a coat of fresh paint.

We plan on repainting our master bedroom in the upcoming months. We currently have antique white on all four walls in the bedroom.

We're looking to paint the walls with a very light gray and all the bedroom trim will be painted white. The trim includes the doors, baseboards and the trim around the windows.

Most likely we will paint three walls light gray and then on the fourth wall we'll add a contrast color that will mesh well with the other three walls. The ceiling will be painted white.

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The other project my wife and I are going to work on in 2022, the kitchen!

We are going to sand down our old kitchen cabinets and paint them with an off-white color and we'll also replace all the hardware which will include all door handles and hinges.

Once the cabinets are finished, we will pick out the perfect paint color for the kitchen walls. The new paint color should blend nicely with our kitchen countertop and our cabinets.

Once everything is painted in our kitchen, we are going to replace the dishwasher, oven, microwave and refrigerator with all new stainless steel appliances. can help you out with kitchen remodeling ideas.

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