Anyone remember these guys?

The Ferraris were a local band, formed in 1965 by twin brothers Hec & Vic Juarez.

The 60’s decade was an awesome time for Rock ‘n Roll…..and Mid-Michigan had it’s share of terrific local garage, blues & psychedelic bands. I was in one myself.

From the description that accompanies the video:
“Aside from winning a battle of the bands in 1968 and playing countless packed shows at “young adult” dances at the Jack Tar Hotel (hosted by Erik O. Furseth, a popular WILS DJ), a high point in the Ferraris’ career was working with Stevie Wonder in 1967 at the Michigan School for the Blind in Lansing, where young Stevie was attending classes.”

Click the video above and hear an UNRELEASED recording by these guys titled “Lovin’ Feelin’.”  The video also contains great stills of the band as well as locations (that you’ll probably recognize) and news articles. Have fun!

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