While previous legislation on vaping products, specifically e-liquid, was hard to get to stick, the Michigan House is trying to ban at least one potentially harmful ingredient.

Vitamin E Acetate

We all know, even the people who do vape can at least acknowledge, that vaping anything really is not the best for you.

No matter what is in your e-liquid or whatever you are using, you are still directly breathing various chemicals into your lungs; however, one of those that has been showing up more and more when it comes to cases of "e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury (EVALI)...Vitamin E acetate.

According to the CDC, Vitamin E acetate is an additive found in many vaping products and, more specifically, THC vaping products.

LiveScience reports it is often used as a "cutting agent" to either dilute the contents of the materials, make it look better or to cut costs on more "active ingredients."

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Risks Of Vitamin E Acetate In Vaping

It is a perfectly fine substance for the skin, commonly found in a lot of everyday products; however, you don't also vape your moisturizer...and that's the problem.

"Vitamin E acetate usually does not cause harm when ingested as a vitamin supplement or applied to the skin," the CDC shares. "However, previous research suggests that when vitamin E acetate is inhaled, it may interfere with normal lung functioning."

They cite lab data and studies that link this chemical to EVALI outbreaks and attribute the fact less of it is being used as one of multiple reasons there has been a decline in hospitalizations since they peaked in 2019.

Regulating Vitamin E Acetate

If regulating the use of the chemical could be what's attributing to less cases of EVALI, then it is probably worth trying to do here in Michigan too, right?

That's exactly why the Michigan House is advancing House Bills 4249 and 4250 which MLive says is "aimed at prohibiting the sale of tobacco and marijuana vaping products containing vitamin E acetate or other additives not approved by the Food and Drug Administration."

According to MLive, if passed, the bills would make it so any provisioning centers or processors that violate this ban would have a misdemeanor and/or a fine of up to $10,000 awaiting them...and we can assume much worse if someone died from it.

How Will This Affect You?

Probably not much...unless you are someone who makes these liquids and uses this chemical.

The CDC says data, patient records, product samples, etc. show that most EVALI cases were linked to vaping products from "informal sources" like the internet, or just not very reputable sources.

If you are going to vape, just be smart about it and buy your products from places you trust and always check the ingredients in your liquids.

In the end, while Vitamin E acetate absolutely is not the ONLY thing that can cause harm to your lungs if you vape (THC or nicotine products), it is something that is questionable at best and should be avoided.

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