Renovating a home and making it yours is some of the hardest, most rewarding work you can do but let's be real about how HGTV has lied to us.

We've seen all the shows from Chip and Johanna Gaines to any other show that makes it seem like renovating is just spending a day demolishing what was once in your home and spending a week or so making it nice and shiny and new again. However, we all know there is not much "reality" behind reality TV and ESPECIALLY not when it comes to renovating.

We all know someone who has taken on a big renovation and they tell you it is a lot of work; however, I am learning so much as my boyfriend and I are in the process that I figured we could share.

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First, when it comes to having to change your plans based on circumstances, what the contractors can do or what you can do yourselves, it's disappointing. However, nobody tells you what it's like to walk in expecting one thing and finding it completely different.

Also there are just the times you feel awkward when someone more familiar with the process says "it looks so great" about the point you are at when you look at it and feel anxiety.

Then, once all the structural things and basics are out of the way, it is hard to agree with your significant other when you have similar enough tastes to make a beautiful home but not so similar that you can agree on things without going to three different stores, checking out your options and having to "reality check" each other.

When it comes down to it, a home renovation is a project full of passion, you are creating a space you will be inhabiting together for years to come and you both want it to be perfect.

By the time you get that finish line in sight, it makes every accidental thumb smash with a hammer, every argument, every harsh word, every time you initially felt like you were "settling" for something you didn't want so worth it.

All in all, while renovating is nowhere near the cutesy, fun undertaking HGTV has convinced us it is, it is absolutely a "labor of love" and having a home that is uniquely yours is absolutely a beautiful feeling.

For example, this is an incredible example of some truly dedicated renovating:

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