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Sometimes, it kind of feels like there are psychopaths, a lot of them, wherever you go.  Well thanks to one research company, you can look at a list of States and find out which States have the most and least.

Here we go...…

The top 5 States considered (by this survey) to be  the most Psychopathic are

5)  Maine

4)  New York and Wyoming ( tie)

3)   New Jersey

2)  California

1)  Connecticut......that one surprised me, but I am not judging.

The Least Psychopathic States

New Mexico

North Carolina



and the least Psychopathic state is.... West Virginia

Earlier research shows that Psychopathy is composed of disinhibition, boldness, and meanness.

So you can take this information for what it is, it hasn't been published in a journal yet or gone through peer review.  I'm not sure where Michigan appears on the list, and not sure that I want to know.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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