Near Caledonia, a southern suburb of Grand Rapids, stands this formerly abandoned steel pyramid-shaped building, looking like some futuristic spacecraft.

It’s referred to as the Steelcase Pyramid; Steelcase was a company that manufactured high-design office furniture; they built this oddity in 1989 but vacated the premises in 2010.

It was abandoned for a handful of years until recently...according to an mlive article, just three months ago (March, 2017), "Switch, the Nevada company that bought the former Steelcase pyramid last year, announced it has opened the "largest, most advanced data center campus in the Eastern U.S." at the building on 60th Street SE. Switch bought the pyramid-shaped building last year and began converting the office furniture maker's "Corporate Development Center" into a $400 million data center designed to serve customers in the eastern half of the United States."

This is an awesome's seven stories high with a penthouse on the sixth floor, balconies, reflecting pool, and sub-level floors (kinda like underground bunkers) where researchers and developers can work.

See photo gallery above for pictures outside AND inside the pyramid!

Wish I had the money to buy it...woulda made a great house!

It’s another off-the-wall site to mark on your Michigan roadtrip this summer...located at 6100 E Paris Ave SE, Grand Rapids!

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