Has Political Correctness gotten out of hand? A growing number of people feel it has. It's gotten to a point where you can't say something as simple as "that guy over there looks like he's from (country)."  You mean we can't even mention a particular country where someone is from because it sounds racist? COME ON.

Over the centuries American humor has been based on idiosyncrasies and differences, whether it's race, religion, fat, thin, bald, hairy, male, female, tall, short, political party, bespectacled, old, young, married, single, pretty, homely, smart, dumb, owner of three name it, we've had jokes about it.

But ya know what? That's exactly what they are......JOKES. If something is done for humor, it's funny; however, if a remark is intentionally made to hurt, then it isn't. Who of us haven't had jokes made about them? I sure have and I never once called these people any kind of "ist" in my life because I knew it was in fun, not malice.

I guess my point is, our basic American humor is fast-fading into nothing but sex, booger & fart jokes. Where's the TRUE creativity? I am not impressed with any of the sitcoms currently on TV; due to fear of not being PC, they have lost any creativity and rely on the afore-mentioned topics or they rehash old plots from even older TV shows.

1) If you really feel a comment will truly hurt someone, then shut up.
2) The rest of us need to learn how to take a joke.

Jerry Seinfeld feels the same way I do about the loss of American humor and "Political Correctness" and it's something you should read and weigh in on.

Read Seinfeld's thoughts, if you'd like to read it. Just CLICK HERE.

Where do YOU stand on this?