No one enjoys getting pulled over by police. Looking out your rear window and seeing those flashing lights is the worst.

Here are a few reasons why you could be pulled over by police:

  • A traffic violation.
  • You are suspected of violating the law.
  • You may fit the description of a suspect.
  • You may have witnessed a crime.
  • the officer may be seeking information about a crime.

Keep this information in mind if you ever pulled over by an officer in Michigan:

  • Keep your hands where the officer can see them, keep them out of your pockets.
  • Follow the officer's instructions.
  • Don't touch the officer, this could be seen as an aggression
  • DO NOT RUN as this may imply that you think you are guilty of something and you will be chased.

Each state has its own rules and laws, some of them are pretty weird.

In Michigan, it is illegal to sit in the middle of the street and read a newspaper.

In Arkansas it is illegal to honk your car horn anywhere that serves cold drinks or sandwiches after 9pm.

In California, it is illegal for women to drive in a housecoat.

Florida has a law on the books that you must feed the parking meter if you tie an elephant, goat, or alligator to it.

In Virginia it is illegal for a woman to drive her car down Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of it waving a red flag.

Massachusetts has a law on its books that makes it illegal to drive with a gorilla in the back street.

Montana has a law on the books that you must have a chaperone if you are driving with sheep in the truck.  (I don't think I want to know why that had to become a law)

In Michigan, and every other state, a driver is required to hand over their drivers license when a police officer asks for it, and they do not have to give you a reason for the stop or for any of your documents like proof of insurance or registration.

The Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police has more tips and suggestions.

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