1) He spent his entire career fighting for creative freedom against pushy record labels.

2) He fought for all recording artists to be paid fairly.

3) Most of his music is NOT available for streaming except on Tidal.

4) He would give away copies of his cd's just to get his music heard.

5) As a slam to the record company, he would occasionally scratch "slave" on his cheek before performances.

6) He went from "Prince" to a symbol as an act of rebellion against the record label.

7) He rejected a contract with CBS after they tried to push an unwanted producer on him.

8) He played every single instrument on the debut album by The Time.

9) In 1981 he sang the "F" word on "Saturday Night Live" and no one noticed.

10) He played guitar on Madonna's "Like A Prayer" that went uncredited.

Got 'em? GOOD.
If what you thought of Prince in the past was negative, I hope you attempt to learn more about him. He was a fighter against corporate BS and bullies just like you & I are.

Now watch the above video: James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince together on the same stage in 1983 and Prince absolutely blows the other two away.

R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson.