President Barack Obama will travel to Flint next Wednesday to see for himself the effects caused by lead contamination and assess the local, state and federal response to the public health crisis.

Part of the reason for Obama's visit to the city, a request by 8 year old Amariyanna Copeny to meet him earlier this year.

The White House released a letter written to the president in March by Amariyanna, known as Little Miss Flint, describing herself as one of the children effected by this water as she was planning to go to Washington to attend congressional hearings on Flint and speak out for all the kids that live there.

The President wrote back to Amariyanna and said, I want you to be the first to know that I'm coming to Flint and I want to make sure people like you and your family are receiving the help you need and deserve.  Here's more from the Detroit Free Press!