Betting on the Super Bowl is undeniably an uncertainty and a risk.  A much less risky bet would be that Paul Bessire's Prediction has the most thorough and sound reasoning for why the Seattle Seahawks will defeat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX on Feb. 1 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Prediction uses some of the most advanced analytics available today and analyzes them through a machine they call "The Predictalator," which is the most in depth, state of the art sports prediction software ever created.

According to the Predictalator, if the Super Bowl were played 50,000 times, the Seattle Seahawks would come out on top 57.3 percent of the time.

To reach this conclusion the Predictalator analyzes everything about the two opponents facing one another.  Strength of regular season schedule, injuries, record against common opponents and even the most important individual players on each team among many other things.