There are two black rhinos living at opposite ends of the country and matchmakers are looking to unite them for species survival in the name of rhino love.

Phineas is a native of the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas.  Phineas is 9 years old, weighs in at 2,776 pounds, likes to paint and prefers grape jelly to strawberry.

Doppsee is a six year resident of the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, also is 9, weighs 2,800 pounds and has a great personality.

Theirs is a long distance relationship that just might work, according to the Black Rhino Species Survival Program through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Potter Park Zoo officials hope to breed Phineas with Doppsee in an effort to grow the endangered population.  The Lansing State Journal has more.

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