Michigan has made it to quite a number of lists of the states who drink the most….thanks to MSU and UM. While lists are usually inaccurate, they’re still interesting to see what others think.

But if Michiganders are so fond of drinking, then what are our drinks of choice? According to the Exuberation website, the Top 5 Michigan Alcoholic categories are:

I recall when a Sloe Gin Fizz was ordered practically everywhere by everyone. Currently, there are two choices for Michigan’s Top Cocktails:


This includes whiskey, rye, brandy, vodka, gin, rum, tequila. But of all these, research sez that Michigan’s favorite is Kentucky Bourbon, possibly followed by Tennessee whiskey.

These definitely fall into the ‘hard liquor’ category, but for some reason, they separated them. Could be because many prefer their whiskey cocktails made with Bourbon.

2) WINE.
What a non-surprise. Everywhere on the internet there are thousands and thousands of pictures of ladies posing with glasses of wine. Elegant? You tell me. Must be a thing. Michigan has numerous wineries and the best sellers are sweet wines. Good thing we have so many wineries, ‘cuz we sure do lap up enough wine…yeah, guys too.

1) BEER.
Another non-surprise. What are some of the things that make Michiganders crave beer?
The opposite sex
Peer pressure
Boozehound buddies
Okay, all well and good, but honestly, on a hot day not much can beat a tall, ice-cold draft beer in a chilled, frosty mug. Oh yeah. But any particular brand? No. Exuberation says that Michigan’s favorite type of beer is honey-wine beer, or mead. What’s ‘mead’ you ask? Fermented honey-water with added hops and spices to taste.

Thinking of all this I was reminded of the drinks I used to have in my younger years, which inspired me to come up with this list of:

16 Favorite Michigan Drinks That I Have Not Heard Anyone Order in Years:
(All recipes according to liquor.com)

Popular Michigan Alcoholic Drinks I Haven't Heard Anyone Order in Years

Does anyone order these drinks anymore?
Are any of them even still popular in Michigan?
Or have we slipped comfortably into wine and beer?

I guess I’ll have to visit a local bar soon.


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