Okay, so what has changed over the last few centuries when it comes to politics? Well, there’s…..and then there’s…..and don’t forget…uh…okay, not much has changed.

Politicians still stump, still promise, still pose with kids & babies, still put on blue jeans or overalls and visit farmers…..and many still fail to fulfill their promises. To be fair, there are a handful of politicians who have good intentions to make things better, but a lot of their ideas and proposals get shot down by their peers...but then again, some good ones do get passed. With all the jokes and media B.S. about politicians, they aren't all bad, ya know.

From our first senator (Lucius Lyon from 1836-1840), our first governor (Stevens T. Mason from 1835-1840), to the first U.S. president to come from Michigan (Gerald Ford from 1974-1977), we are no strangers to politics, politicians, their strengths and strategies. Like ‘em or dislike ‘em, they continue to keep us on our toes. The politicking and campaigning intrigue me…I find them entertaining and most amusing.

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Watch a political ad sometime…many of them spend the whole commercial slamming their opponent and telling you why you shouldn’t vote for them. Instead of claiming what the opposition WON’T do, why not tell us what you CAN do. That would impress me a lot more.

Is there any other occupation that gets slammed as much as a politician? Sure, there are lawyer jokes, but politicians seem to get the majority of jabs. Some are justifiable, others not…just like any other career choice.

No matter your feelings on politics and politicians, both are here to stay: the good, the bad, and the ones who serve their terms in limbo.

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