According to WILX-TV 10, Police are putting the brakes on drivers who don't stop at crosswalks.  On Wednesday, officers in East Lansing started a new approach, going undercover to try and catch violators.

I can't even tell you how many times I've driven to pick my kids up from school and notice several vehicles not yielding for children at crosswalk locations.

Police ticketed one driver the other day who went through a crosswalk while pedestrians were trying to cross.  The enforcement started in the morning as kids were heading to school.  It started because crossing guards have been reporting violations almost every day this year.

People are in a hurry and they're not paying attention, according to a one crossing guard.  So when signs don't work, police hope tickets will.  Officers in unmarked cars are patrolling East Lansing's busiest crosswalks, trying to catch violators on tape, then radioing for patrol cars.