Pokemon Go has people everywhere glued to their smartphones trying to catch Pokemon.  The app was released on mobile devices last week in the United States and the popular game has turned sidewalks and roads into a virtual arena for gamers.

According to WILX-TV 10, players are racing down streets on the hunt for checkpoints where they earn prizes and catch little Pokemon creatures.

But while the game seems fun, police are now sounding the alarm saying it can be dangerous.  In Missouri for example, police say robbers used the game to lure victims into a parking lot by putting a beacon at a location to attract players to that exact spot.

Pokemon Go is so addicting that people are just not putting their phones down.  The user must keep their eye on their phone while hunting down digital monsters while walking and that presents another danger; they are not looking where they are going.

Police are warning people especially parents that if you play the game, use caution when alerting strangers of a location you're headed to.