Did you ever hear someone say they grew up in a 'podunk' town? Well, there is such a place and it's one of Michigan's ghost towns.

Apparently, there are a few places throughout Michigan with the name "Podunk" attached to it but the one I'm referring to is not that far away, located in Gladwin County.

Podunk is located at the corner of two isolated dirt roads: Ziemer and N. Shearer, just off M-18, northwest of Gladwin, east of Harrison and south of Houghton Lake...if you drove through it, you'd never know it was a former community.

If you visit, you'll see an old schoolhouse and a couple of houses at the intersection. And that's it. No old stores, just the schoolhouse. Podunk is listed as having railroad service but no sign of tracks going through.

So what happened to Podunk, what was it and why did it vanish? It doesn't even show up when you Google Map search it. The best guess is, it was an old lumber town that ceased to exist for one reason or another, just like many other Michigan ghost towns in northern Michigan.

As I said, there are a few places in Michigan with the "Podunk" moniker, so if you research it, make sure it's the one at the dirt road intersection of Ziemer & N. Shearer roads.

Take video if you visit and pass it along!

Michigan has SO many great tales and history.....this is a GREAT state, isn't it?

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