(Disclaimer: I know there are far more important things happening in the world right now, this article is written as a fun, tongue-in-cheek way for us women to come together over a common minor inconvenience)

Recently, I wrote an article venting with my fellow women about how frustrating inconsistent sizing is when it comes to shopping, especially for jeans, and someone brought up another issue we women collectively have with pants...POCKETS (or lack thereof).

A special shoutout and thank you to Melisa B. who left a comment that sparked further comments and conversation about pockets. You are heard and here we are.

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So Where Did They Go!?

I understand when skinny jeans became more and more popular, so did the fact we liked them to be stretchy. However, I know I am having a hard time understanding why we had to give up the convenience of pockets for comfort? We can have both! We had both up until about ten years ago when someone decided we only needed ones on our backside.

You know, I get it, there is only so much room or maybe trying to put a pocket on something that feels more like leggings isn't as feasible as it seems. We can give them that. HOWEVER, why is it that on the rare occasion we do find a pair of pants with pockets, they are barely big enough to fit a chapstick completely inside?

Someone posted on Twitter recently something about how their theory is clothing companies got rid of pockets to convince us we need more purses and honestly, I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

Why We Miss Them

Sure, pockets seem like something so miniscule but when men can almost fit an entire laptop in their front pockets, we women should not have to settle for these teeny tiny ones, much less the fake ones that only LOOK like they are there.

Think about the last time you told a woman you liked a dress she was wearing only to see her face absolutely light up as she says "THANKS IT HAS POCKETS!"

First, we just love having pockets. Second, it's a luxury to have pockets on something you wouldn't expect like a dress when we don't get them on the thing that should have them...our frickin' pants!

Also, I know I can't be the only one whose phone has almost taken a dip into the toilet because I forgot it was in my back pocket when I went to go to the bathroom. Or worse, gone to sit down, have your phone fall out and pick it up to find it cracked.

Back pockets, while convenient because they are all we have, are just not good at keeping our stuff inside and I'll be damned if I am going to carry a purse all day every day, everywhere I go.

What Do We Want? POCKETS

It's really not that hard to understand. We want pockets and we want them now (well, we've been wanting them but you get it).

There is no reason our children or our children's children should ever have to see a world where their pants do not have pockets.

We're not asking for every single pair of pants to end up looking like cargo pants. Just at least make a front pocket big enough for our phones.

Melisa B, who inspired this article, made a great point when she said that as our phones have been getting bigger and bigger, our pockets have gotten smaller. Some have even disappeared.

All we ladies want is pockets...and equal pay...and a world where we can feel safe walking at night...and...you know, I'll stop there before I get carried away. Basically, pockets on women's pants would be a great start and we would appreciate some urgency on this matter.

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