There is definitely not much left of the old Michigan village of Pleasantview (sometimes referred to as “Pleasant View”) but it may be worth going out of your way for a few photos.

Emmet County was established in 1840, with Pleasantview Township coming along years later, in 1876, thanks to the 418 residents coming up with a petition.

The first of three township cemeteries was purchased that same year with two more following, all still in use in the 2000’s. The town of Pleasantview eventually had a cemetery, church, post office, schoolhouse and stagecoach stop. There were a total of four schoolhouses in the area, even though the town’s population had dwindled to 70 by 1910.

Milkweed was abundant and Pleasantview decided to take advantage of it. With the lumber business just about at an end, the township decided to appoint a Weed Commissioner in 1899, and soon the milkweed pods were harvested for its silky down. The down was used to manufacture life jackets, vests & preservers for soldiers during World Wars I and II.

In 1954 Camp Pellston prison camp was established in 1954, located partially in the Pleasantview and Center Townships. It closed for good on December 31, 2001.

The old township hall is still there, a lone reminder of the village of Pleasantview, nowadays enjoying its 'ghost town' status. Take a side drive on your next Michigan roadtrip for a quick pic or video of the once-village of Pleasantview.


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