I wonder if any of you can supply ANY information about this little area, located in Platte Township, Benzie County.

Located at the intersection of Valley and Fowler roads, it looks like it may have been a village at one time. To the left (west) is the old schoolhouse. A little further left is the Platte Township Hall (SEE PHOTOS).

There is an elaborate home on the northwest corner of the intersection that seems somewhat out of place. There are a nice handful of old houses scattered north & south, east & west, up and down the roads.

The township hall address is listed as Honor, which is over seven miles away.
There was a 'Platte P.O." in the 1870s but was further northwest in the county.

I've looked at old atlases from over 100 years ago and there is no record of this area having a town or village name. However, a little less than two miles south, on Valley Road, is (what would be considered) a ghost town called Empire Junction. This town was a former lumber town, located on the railroad, and doesn't seem to show up on many - if any - maps...but it DOES show up on old atlases.

So what's up with the intersection of Valley & Fowler?
Does anyone have any more input?
Can this be a lost, forgotten Michigan town?
Could it have actually been a village named "Platte"?
Or was it part of another town that has disappeared?

Please feel free to add any historical info you can's appreciated.


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