Winter is coming. There's no denying it. And you know how this time of year plays havoc on our already pothole infested roads. You can ask anyone in this state. No matter whey they live. How are the roads in your neck of the woods? And the result will probably be pretty much the same. The Governor ran on that very same platform and folks are still waiting for her to "FIX THE D*#N ROADS".

However if you think our roads are bad, you need to have a seat. Several seats. As a matter of fact, we don't even rank IN THE TOP TEN. Not according to Quotewizard. Michigan comes in at...NUMBER 14.

Apparently, Rhode Island is twice as bad as Michigan. And even though Mississippi is number 4 on the list, they come in second with % of spending on road repairs. And when it comes to spending on road repairs, according to this list, we're not doing too bad.

Peep the list below and thank your lucky hug caps and tire rims that we lost out at the top spot on this one. Thankfully.

Rankings 1 to 50 with first being worst overall road infrastructure and 50th being best overall road infrastructure. Also included, but not part of the ranking factors, is the percentage of state highway spending on road repairs to show which states are addressing the problem. (Complete list HERE, we only give you the top 15 below)

Rank (worst)State% roads in poor conditionCost per motorist% bridges structurally deficient% of spending on road repairs
1Rhode Island53$823232
3West Virginia31$7231819
6New Jersey34$703857
10New Mexico31$768639

(Credit Quotewizard)

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