In late June 2021 some vacationers in a pontoon boat were traveling around Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior. What happened was terrifying.

A huge 200-foot chunk of rock crumbled, broke off, and collapsed right in front of them. Luckily, they were far enough away so nobody got hurt; but it was still a terrifying experience, as the audio reveals the boaters yelling and screaming. Probably part fear, and part excitement of having witnessed such a mammoth, awe-inspiring piece of Mother Nature's work.

Being in the right place at the right time – with video/camera equipment – can bring an incredible natural phenomenon like this one. Of course, erosion and landslides happen all the time at Pictured Rocks and elsewhere on the Great Lakes.

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There is also a video of some kayakers from a few years ago who were even closer to the rocks when a landslide occurred.

What can you do if you're too close and a rock slide happens? Not a heck of a lot except scream like a little kid and try to paddle or motor yourself out of there as fast as you can. Too close and you're toast. Yes, the rocks are pretty, beautiful, intriguing, mystifying, scientific, photographic.....but they are also extremely dangerous to be in close proximity.

By all means, take your boats, your kayaks, and your canoes around Pictured's a great little jaunt. Just keep your distance, and don't hike to the top and get too close to the edge. You could be buried underwater with tons of rubble on you. Be safe so you can visit even more of Michigan's awesome handiwork.

Chunk of Pictured Rocks Breaks Off by Pontooners

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