St. Clair is a popular summer vacation spot for many Michiganders...and the Murphy Inn has been around longer than Michigan has been a state! It's not huge - only seven rooms for customers - but it keeps busy thanks to the paranormal activity that occurs, witnessed by employees and many, many overnight visitors.

According to, the structure was built as a boarding house in 1836 called "The Farmer's Home." Many horse traders and riverboat passengers stayed here as a stopover. It remained a boarding house all the way through 1937 when it was sold and renamed the Sheaffer Inn. Not long afterward, Sheaffer sold it to the Murphys, who put in a pub and retooled the seven rooms.

It wasn't long before the Murphys realized that something otherworldly was also inhabiting the inn...the spirit of a lone woman.

This female apparition appears wearing a long dress or gown...she has been seen walking the halls, in the rooms, on the staircase (SEE PHOTO GALLERY BELOW) and has appeared in pictures taken by guests. In many pictures she has appeared as a human-shaped mist or a vision that looks something like "heat-waves"...she apparently enjoys photo-bombing your pictures!

A paranormal team that did an investigation were actually able to capture the figure of this spirit wearing her long dress.

She has been seen in two rooms in particular: the Devonshire and the Lancaster rooms, which are said to be the inn's own 'spook central,' even though all seven rooms have had some ghostly action. Even guests who aren't aware the inn is haunted wind up experiencing some paranormal activity.

Odd lights, the usual ethereal sounds & noises, creaks, slams and sightings are normal and part of a night's stay here.

Who is this woman who roams the inn, long after her death? No one has an answer, but plenty have their own theories: jilted bride, accidental death, murder, name it. But no definite conclusion of who she is. If you visit, be aware that she doesn't seem to wish harm on anyone, but you WILL be startled.

The Murphy Inn is located at 505 Clinton Ave, St Clair, Mi.
Go there for the weekend.....


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