In Marquette, Michigan is a bench with a statue of one of the city's most beloved residents: Phil the Window Washer. There's even a plaque that states that Phil "became an icon in Marquette's downtown district, working tirelessly, rain or snow, washing merchants' windows and planting and caring for this public garden."

Phil Niemisto did all this work on his own, never asking for pay or compensation of any kind.

The statue wears the same clothes Phil would wear as he washed windows: blue shirt, necktie and cap. Acting somewhat humbled, Phil said "It's nice that somebody does notice what you're doing day after day after day." 

The statue was unveiled and dedicated on October 17, 2017, a couple of days before Phil turned 88; it was the first piece of public art to be displayed in Marquette.
Phil died four months later, on February 25, 2018.

To get to the statue - and have your picture taken sitting next to Phil's statue - go to 148 W. Washington Street in Marquette; it's in a small park on the north side of the street, intersecting with North 3rd Street.

Nice, sentimental little stop to make on your Michigan roadtrip...


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