We all have a certain dislike for certain bugs and pests.

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Those fears and dislikes tend to be rooted deep and can have some type of link back to a traumatic childhood experience.

The Worst Pests In Michigan

You can have your own personal list, but google was able to compile a list of the most searched pests in Michigan, which helped narrow down the list of some of Michigan's, worst pests.

These Ten Pests Are The Worst For Michigan Homeowners

This list was conducted by the Google searches conducted by Michiganders, and show the worst pests that are in the state of Michigan.

The Most Deadly Critters In Michigan

We just showed you probably some minor inconveniences to your day. There are some things in Michigan that are a bit more dangerous than others.

Take a look at some of the worst and most deadly creatures that we have here in Michigan.

Michigan's Deadliest Animals & Critters

You may have even seen a few of these in your home or around the state.

9 Animals That Are, Surprisingly, Legal to Own in Michigan

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